I am so happy you are here!  I am not a native of Napa, and perhaps that gives me a different perspective to share. We chose Napa as our home, and have lived here since 2012.  I believe in Napa - it has so much to offer and even more potential for the future. My intent is that this blog can get out there, in the blogosphere, to show both locals and visitors something new to try.  As a Crossfit coach, I go into each class that I coach, with a goal that each athlete will pick up a new tip....so here on this blog, I hope that every reader will glean at least one new tip, whether you are a Napa local, or a visitor to Napa!



A little about me. First of all, I have chronic FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Wanderlust. That means I am almost never home, so let’s see how I do getting regular blog posts out! I am also a big sharer. I post a lot on FB and I am often so excited about a discovery that I have an urgent need to tell people about it!

I am a mom of three (each child born on a different continent), a devoted wife to a fun guy who is now commuting to San Francisco, working at what is now a “growth company”. I am a Level 2 certified Crossfit Coach and I love my coaching hours at Wine Country Crossfit. I run a non-profit school in Bangladesh.  I speak French, German and Japanese, and have lived as an expat in France, Germany, and Japan. We lived in both New York City and in Kailua, Hawaii. Two different lifestyles but loved both experiences. 

Thank you for reading, subscribing, sharing and commenting.

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Note: The blog's main focus is Napa, but not limited to Napa.  I travel a lot, always planning my next adventure, and hope to share my observations on the road. I might suggest a new book to read or a new fitness tip.  There are no rules!